Come to a place where
you can still find hidden treasures.

With more than 415 square miles of pristine wilderness to explore, the Park’s beauty and majestic sights include 60 peaks over 12,000 feet with nearly 1/4 of the Park above the timberline. Whether you are an adventure seeker eager for a climb or simply enjoy seeing the sights from the comforts of a vehicle, the mountain panoramas are virtually endless.  2015 is Rocky Mountain National Park’s 100th birthday and many special activities are planned throughout the year to celebrate.

Keep your camera ready for sightings of elk, deer, coyotes, big horn sheep, marmots and pika you will see in the area. The lucky visitor might get a glimpse of the occasional black bear, mountain lion or golden eagle. In the winter, Estes Park is a destination to cross country skiers and a great place to snow shoe. Discover where the outdoors is a way of life and lose yourself in the vibrant beauty and captivating allure that is Estes Park.


Estes Park has been home to an array of people for over 11,000 years. Numerous and varied Native American tribes inhabited this region, hunting big game in what is now Rocky Mountain National Park.
In the fall of 1859 a gentleman named Joel Estes was drawn to this valley to hunt. Soon thereafter he relocated his family and cattle ranch from Kentucky to the area. Less than 10 years later, the editor of the Rocky Mountain News dubbed the area Estes Park after spending an enjoyable visit hunting and trapping at the Estes Ranch.

The valley continued to grow, and within 40 years from its first settler Estes Park was home to over 200 people. It was a prospering community and in 1905, the financial support of businessman F.O. Stanley laid the foundation for creating ongoing economic growth. Today, approximately 5,500 people live in the area. An area where the expression “lose yourself” takes on a whole new meaning.